BACK 9 STORAGE LLC, Owner, hereby grants the User (named on reverse side) the use of unit/space (described on the reverse side) beginning on the date of this agreement, and on the following conditions as herein stated. For the purposes of the agreement, all real and personal property located at Owner's address shall be defined as Premises.
1. RENTAL: I agree to pay the stated amount as rental for the duration of this agreement. This amount may be changed at any time for any reason upon written, electronic, or posted notice by the Owner. I agree to pay as rental for each one (1) month renewal period the same stated amount per unit/space rented. I will pay the monthly rental on or before the first (1st) day of each month, if this is not maintained, access to my unit/space may be denied. If I have not paid the monthly rental by close of business the fifth (5th) day of the month, I agree that along with the rent I will pay a late charge of ten ($10.00) dollars from the sixth (6th) to the fifteenth (15th) day, after that an additional twenty ($20.00) dollar charge will be assessed. If any check I remit in person, mail or electronically (ACH) for payment is returned or rejected for ANY reason, this constitutes Non-Payment, I agree that along with rental, I agree I will pay a returned/rejected check charge of fifty ($50.00) dollars. If any automatic electronic (CC or Debit) charges are declined, this also constitutes Non-Payment and will be assessed a charge of up to thirty-five ($35.00) dollars at Owner's discretion. In the event of any above scenarios, acceptable payment will be Cash or Money Order. I agree to make all acceptable payments to Back 9 Storage LLC, 4844 W Market St, York PA 17408. I understand all Rental Payments and all other charges are Non- Refundable.
2. LIABILITY OF OWNER FOR THIRD PARTY PROPERTY: According to Section 15 of the Pennsylvania Self-Service Storage Facility Act, Act of December 20,1982, P.L.1404, No.325,§§ 1-17, (the "Act") OWNER shall not be liable to USER or a Third party for the removal or sale of personal property which is not the property of the USER or upon which a prior lien has been attached, unless notice shall have been given to the OWNER by the USER, the property placed in the leased space was not that of USER. USER attests that personal property to be stored or now stored at the premises is owned by USER and is free and clear of all liens and security interests except as listed on this agreement. USER must immediately inform OWNER of the nature and identity of any property placed in the leased space which is not the property of the USER.
3. VEHICLES: All vehicles with a DC battery or fuel, stored indoors, MUST disconnect said battery and reduce flammable fuel content to a minimum, USER must also supply or acquire approved material to be placed in order to protect the unit/floor from leaking fluids of any kind. This applies to; cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV, UTV, tractors, lawn and snow equipment, boats, etc… Any Motor Vehicle or Recreational Vehicle stored outdoors on property (exposed or covered), MUST maintain valid registration, insurance, and current inspection (as required).
4. ENDING THIS AGREEMENT: I may end this rental agreement at any time by providing the OWNER at least ten (10) days written notice. If the agreement is terminated before the end of any calendar month, any payments remitted prior are non-refundable. Rental will be due on any unit/space if not vacated before the end of business on the fifth (5th) day of the month. Any pre-payment refunds will be done at OWNER's discretion but not guaranteed. Upon notice of ending the agreement, USER agrees to remove ALL personal property from the unit/space upon termination or by the end of the paid rental month. Any items not removed from the unit/space will be removed at USER's expense or by forfeit of the security deposit. OWNER may also terminate the agreement for any reason, upon written notice. If I receive such a notice I will vacate the unit/space by the end of the calendar month of the dated notice. All items must be removed or forfeit the security deposit, and possible additional fees. Any returned deposit must be picked up by the USER within thirty (30) days - NO EXCEPTIONS.
5. STATUTORY LIEN: As provided in the Act, OWNER has a lien upon all personal property while located in or at the unit/space, which lien is for rent, labor, or other charges, present or future, reasonably incurred for storing, preserving, selling and/or disposing of said property. This lien is superior to any other lien or security interest except those existing prior to the date the personal property was placed in or at the unit/space, ref. Par 2.
6. LOCKS: In addition to the locks available for sale from the OWNER, I may equip the unit with an appropriate lock at my own expense, only one (1) lock may be installed at any time. I agree to provide OWNER with a workable key or combination to the lock. If at any time I do not comply with any term of this Lease, or if required by ANY governmental authorities, OWNER has the right, as it deems necessary, to remove such lock by cutting or other means at my expense. I will not hold OWNER liable for replacement of any lock that is damaged by force entry by OWNER or any authorized governmental authority.
7. ENTRY BY OWNER: As provided in the Act, I agree that OWNER and OWNER's agents, employees and other representatives have the right to enter in to the unit at all reasonable hours for the purpose of examining the unit, or for making such repairs or alterations therein as may be necessary. In addition, I agree that in the event of an emergency or dangerous situation, OWNER and OWNER's agents, employees and other representatives have the right to enter into the unit by any means necessary, including by force.
8. INSURANCE: I acknowledge that OWNER has insurance only on buildings in which the units are located. I understand and acknowledge that any property I store in or at the unit/space and any other property that may be stored in or at the unit is NOT insured by the OWNER's insurance. I am solely responsible for insuring any personal property that is stored in or at the unit/space and understand that I will bear ALL risk of damage to that property if I choose not to properly insure it.
9. NON-LIABILITY OF OWNER FOR DAMAGE OR INJURY: I acknowledge that OWNER is not a warehouseman in the business of storing goods for hire. I agree that OWNER shall not be liable to any extent whatsoever to USER or to my invitees, family, employees, agents, or servants for any personal injury or property damage or loss from theft, vandalism, fire, smoke, water, storms, wind, hurricanes, rain, tornadoes, floods, explosions, acts of God or any other cause whatsoever. If I give a unit key, pass code, or access card to some other person, I will have and accept full responsibility for any damage or injury caused by that person. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless OWNER from and against any and all manner of claims for damaged or lost property or personal injury and costs, work, or thing which I do or direct or permit to be done in or about the unit or in the premises.
10. ABANDONMENT OF OCCUPANT's PROPERTY: Any property which I leave in or at the unit/space after this agreement or any renewal period ends shall be considered by OWNER to have been abandoned. Pursuant to the Act, such property may be kept by OWNER as its property or disposed of in such manner as OWNER may choose. If such property or any part of it is sold, OWNER may keep the proceeds of the sale and apply the same, at its option, against the expense of the sale, the cost of moving and storage, and any unpaid rent or other charges which may be due from USER under this agreement.
11. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS STORAGE: I agree that at no time will I store or place in the units/space and "Hazardous Materials" or permit and such Hazardous Materials to be placed or stored in the unit/space. As used in this Agreement, the term "Hazardous Material"; means any hazardous substances or hazardous waste, as defined in or with reference to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, 42 U.S>C. Section 6902, et sew. And/or the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, 42 U.S.C. 9601 a S.2011 et seq. as amended; or any pollutant or contaminant or hazardous, dangerous or toxic chemicals, materials, or substances with in the meaning of any other applicable federal, state, or local law, regulation, ordinance, or requirement (including consent decrees and administrative orders) relating to or imposing liability or standards of conduct concerning any hazardous, toxic or dangerous waste, substance or material, all as amended.
12. DEFAULT: I agree that I will have defaulted under this agreement if I do any of the following, and a default may result in forfeiture of the deposit:
a) Fail to pay rent when due, ON or BEFORE the first (1st) day of each month.
b) Use the unit/space or surrounding premises for purposes other than the storage of personal property.
c) Alter or modify the unit/space without written permission of OWNER.
d) Leave the unit/space without locking the door(s), or not removing items left outside the unit/space.
e) Abandon the unit/space or any property stored in the unit/space.
f) Use the unit/space for storage of hazardous, flammable or explosive material or other material prohibited by law.
g) Failure to comply with any duty or obligation imposed upon USER by this Agreement and any rules and regulations which OWNER may from time to time make regarding the unit/space or premises.
13. OWNER's REMEDIES FOR OCCUPANT's DEFAULT: If I default under this agreement as set forth above, OWNER may enter the unit/space and remove all property from it, in which event the agreement will end. In addition, OWNER will still have the right to recover (i) any unpaid rent up to the date of such entry, (ii) damages caused by or because of the default, and (iii) any other amounts OWNER may be entitled to under the law. In addition to any other remedies available to it under the law for possession of the premises or for the payment of the rent or other charges
, including, but no limited to, the enforcement of the OWNER's lien in accordance with the Act.
14. ACCEPTANCE OF PAYMENT OF RENT AFTER DEFAULT: If I default under this agreement as set forth above, OWNER will still have all remedies available to OWNER for my default as provided above even if (i) I pay part of any unpaid rent and OWNER accepts the partial payment, or (ii) OWNER permits USER to remove personal property from the unit/space at any time. I understand that if I default by failing to pay rent, this agreement will not be reinstated even if I later make a full or partial payment of unpaid rent.
15. ATTORNEY's FEES AND COSTS: If after I default under this agreement OWNER starts any legal actions or proceedings to (i) enforce its statutory lien or any provision of this agreement, (ii) recover any unpaid rent, or (iii) recover possession of the unit/space, I agree to pay OWNER's reasonable attorney fees, costs, and expenses.
16. ASSIGNMENTS: I agree not to transfer (assign) or sublet this agreement to anyone else without the written permission of the OWNER.
17. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: I accept the condition of the unit/space on the beginning date. I understand that the OWNER makes not express or implied warranties regarding the unit/space or related services. I am relying solely on my inspection and evaluation of the unit/space as the basis for my decision to enter the agreement.
18. ENTIRE AGREEMENT MODIFICATION: This agreement represents the entire agreement between the USE and the OWNER. This agreement may only be modified by a writing which is signed by both the USER and the OWNER.
19. SURVIVAL OF PROVISIONS: If this agreement ends, all provisions of the agreement which by necessity are required to be enforced by either party are enforceable beyond the date the agreement ends.
20. WAIVER: The failure to enforce any term or condition of this agreement does not prevent the OWNER from later enforcing that term or condition or any other term or condition of this agreement.
21. SERERABILITY: If any court declares any term or condition of this agreement invalid, all other terms and conditions of the agreement will remain valid.
22. NOTICES: Any notices permitted or required to be given by the terms of this agreement shall be effective upon mailing and shall be deemed sufficient if mailed by United States Postal Service with the proper postage and address affixed thereto, to the parties at their addresses shown on Page 1 of this agreement. Should I change my address during this agreement, I will notify OWNER in writing of such change, indicating my new address, within ten (10) days of the change of address.
23. GOVERNING LAW: I understand that if either I or the OWNER find it necessary to enforce this agreement, it will be interpreted and governed under the law, according to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
24. SCRA WAIVER: If the USER is "active" military but not on deployment, the USER agrees to follow and adhere to the rules and policies stated on the agreement. Upon deployment the OWNER agrees not to assess any additional fee's/charges other than stated, and/or permissible, and will not dispose of any personal property of the USER.
25. AGREEMENT WITH ALL PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT: By signing this agreement, both OWNER and USER acknowledge that they have read, are familiar with, and agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, including the provisions hereafter and printed on the reverse side hereof which are part of this agreement, are incorporated herein by reference and are as important and material as those provisions appearing above. Both OWNER and USER intend to be legally bound by this agreement.

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